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In Asheville, we provide DONA certified Birth Doula Training and sponsor Latina women to attend for little or no cost. We teach the skills to support women’s’ emotional, physical, and spiritual health throughout pregnancy, birth, and the immediate postpartum. After training, new doulas will have the opportunity to work with Gentle Mothering, begin attending births, support the community, and grow their experience.


Our doula training is certified by DONA International, the first association of doulas in the world. Women around the world appreciate and value the experience of having an informed and experienced person that will accompany them during gestation, labor, and birth. There are no prerequisites to for the Training.

Course Overview:

• Introduction to DONA International
• Overview of the history, role & significance of the doula
• The emotional & psychological aspects of giving birth & its significance I n women’s lives
• The doula’s role, professional ethics, standards of practice & certification
• Values clarification & cultural sensitivity
• Emotional support & physical comfort measures
• Support for difficult labors, Cesarean birth, & Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
• Newborn care & breastfeeding support
• Conducting interviews, prenatal and postpartum visits

Course includes:
  • 2 days of Workshop, 1 day for lactation and childbirth classes for doulas
  • The official DONA Manual.
  • A lot of material with very important and useful information.
  • Coffee breaks! – Bring your lunch
  • The follow-up and tutoring of doula trainers Augie Rigual & Gloria Maria LLanser during the post-course period.
Registration details
  • May 25 & 26 of 2019
  • Value of the training $480
  • Save your spot with $150 registration fee ($75.00 not refundable)
  • For more information email me at Hola@GentleMothering.Org

Birth doula workshop


You want to become a postpartum doula! New families need so much support in those early weeks and months, and you can use your skills and your heart to help them get off to a great start. Postpartum doula training programs often focus on physical techniques or skills that you can use during the early postpartum period. Being a postpartum doula though is much more than simply making healthy family meals, or caring for an older child. Parents are trying to make decisions about where their baby will sleep, which vaccinations to choose, how to calm a crying baby, and learning how to breastfeed. All of these are things that a postpartum doula can help with. At DONA we make sure you have a thorough grounding in these areas and more. These high-quality workshops all meet DONA International’s highest professional standards, which means you’ll be learning the skills you really need to provide excellent service to every family you support.


Are you passionate about birth? Would you like to make a difference by helping women and their partners through one of life’s most exciting, but challenging experiences? Certification by Lamaze International is the most respected and recognized credential in childbirth education certification worldwide. As an LCCE educator, you will become equipped with the latest information from Lamaze International as a member.

This three-day seminar is a step in the process to achieve the Lamaze Certification. The fee includes the seminar, 25.5 hours of contact, 1 year of membership to Lamaze and support during the certification process. The Lamaze Learning Guide and the Lamaze Certification Exam are additional charges.

Lamaze International rewards 25.5. continuous education credit hours (CNE) for successfully completing this activity.

Information about Lamaze:

Forty years of research and learning based on experiences of women with normal and natural births have provided evidence that has gradually but dramatically changed Lamaze from being a delivery method, to a philosophy that provides the foundation and direction for women, how They prepare to give birth and become mothers. The Lamaze philosophy of childbirth is at the heart of Lamaze education and has been the case for almost a decade, the driving force of significant changes in Lamaze preparation for childbirth.

Today, Lamaze affirms the normality of childbirth, recognizes the inherent capacity of women to give birth to their babies and promotes Lamaze’s Healthy Birth Practices. The Lamaze Certified Birth Educator (LCCE) promotes, supports and protects the right of every woman to give birth, confident in her own capacity, free to find comfort in a wide variety of ways, and supported by her family and all members of the health care team.

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