Lamaze Childbirth classes


Childbirth is a sacred process that every mother enters the minute she becomes pregnant.  As a certified and deeply intuitive Childbirth educator, my presence through every stage of this process can provide confidence, comfort, and clarity about all aspects of bringing a new baby into the world.

Together we enter a sacred partnership that includes all who are involved in the process and can continue through your baby’s first three months of life to support you and your partner as you adjust to parenting

Pregnancy and childbirth are like a river.  It can be smooth and gentle at times; and at other times it can be like rapids, with rocks appearing in your experience that you will navigate by either going around or over them.  Your baby is an integral part of the process and drives your emotional and physical condition to some degree.  The classes I offer help you release the weight of feeling like you are solely responsible for all aspects of your childbirth experience, giving you permission to allow this beautiful river to flow naturally and graceful.

The Lamaze classes are aimed at giving you tools to facilitate the birth of your baby, reduce your fears about that moment and teach you how to handle pain. In general, prenatal classes focus on:

  • Describe how is the birth process, so you know what is normal and what is not.
  • Teach you to recognize the signs that you are in labor.
  • Practice techniques to manage pain.
  • Give you basic guidelines for breastfeeding.
  • Show you basic care of the newborn.
  • Show your partner your role in the birth and in the upbringing of the baby during the first days.

We believe that prenatal classes help you to become aware of your next role as a mother, free you from many fears, help you enjoy your pregnancy and make you look forward to the birth of your baby. Also, if you take them with your partner, they can also help you to connect with each other and to have them both involved in the whole process. And finally, they make it easier to know the experiences of other moms, which makes you feel identified and remind you that it is a totally natural process.

By taking my Lamaze childbirth education classes before your baby arrives, your preparation and practice allow you to progress in labor and delivery with more confidence. The more you have integrated the information, the more relaxed and at peace with the process, the more your hormones will work and the contractions will be less difficult and painful.

Payment Options

Gentle Mothering aims to improve perinatal outcomes in WNC through our services, community education and Birth Justice advocacy. Since doulas can improve maternal health outcomes, we believe every woman who wants a doula deserves a doula, regardless of ability to pay. Contact us to find out more about our payment options:

• Payment Plans
• Sliding-Scale Fees
• One-to-One Program: free doula services to qualifying low-income families

What is a “sliding-scale”? Sliding-scale pricing allows those who can pay the full price of doula services to do so, which allows us to offer our support to families at lower prices, when necessary, as determined by their income. Sliding-scale can also be combined with payment plans.

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