Volunteer doula program

We welcome your involvement — contact us to learn more about volunteer opportunities.


No prior experience is necessary, but volunteers must go through a selection process and training, which includes:
• Interview,
• Three-day introductory doula training
• Working with experienced mentor doulas until ready to work on your own


• Emotional and physical stamina to attend long labors
• Flexible schedule and the ability to work very long hours from time to time
• At least 21 years of age

We ask our volunteers to sign up for a minimum of one on-call, 24-hour shifts per week. At any time during the shift, they can be called to the hospital when a mother requests a doula. The volunteer then stays with the mother throughout her labor and delivery until the baby is born. (She does not leave when the shift ends.) The average time a doula stays at a birth is 10-12 hours, but it may be shorter or considerably longer. After a birth, a doula often needs to rest, so volunteering should be scheduled only when she doesn’t have other commitments near that time period.

Volunteers are an integral part of all that we do (and hope to do) at Gentle Mothering. Our volunteers bring a wide variety of talents and expertise to their work here.


We are always recruiting new volunteers and would enjoy having you explore how you could be a part of our Gentle Mothering team.

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