Gentle Mothering

Our Story

When I attended the birth of my friend’s daughter, I found my passion.  English is my second language.  I participated in a volunteer Doula program, where I discovered many Spanish speaking women who needed my help.  I felt inspired offering my time and love to these families until the program ended 3 years later.

Through my volunteer work, I witnessed many Spanish speaking women who felt alone, afraid, and disempowered because of the language barrier during the hospital decision-making process.

Mission statement & Vision

Our mission is first to support women to feel empowered, honored, and heard throughout the process of birth, thereby creating stronger relationships in the family. Yet, our mission also includes empowering Latina/bilingual women by offering them a fulfilling trade of becoming a Doula. This increases their confidence and self-esteem, as well as provides them with a financially viable skill. By strengthening them and their families financially, it helps to lift them up out of poverty. Studies have shown that a strong families are the foundation of a strong community, so this is a key benefit of our program.

Due to the higher value of the Doula’s in WNC; low income women regardless of race do not have access to Doula support. Thru Gentle Mothering paying the Doula’s for their support of the underserved low-income expectant families we are able to assist in providing a safer birth and better family experience reducing the medical costs and postpartum complications.

It is our vision that every woman who wants a doula, regardless of income, would have access to one. Gentle Mothering provides Spanish-speaking women with professional/ career training opportunities and to make doula services available to any expectant mothers in the WNC region.

Board of directors

Marla Molina
Veronica Miranda
Gloria Maria LLanSer

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